How Earth Moves

How Earth Moves

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It’s here! Science stuff, mind-blowing stuff, Vsauce stuff, oh my!! THE CURIOSITY BOX: Jake’s video about The Curiosity Box: Minute Physics on why December days are the longest: StandUpMaths on calendars and leap days: Tom Scott on the Equation of Time: My video on what would happen if the Earth stopped spinning: GREAT visuals showing how Earth moves around the sun: George Washington’s birthday: real-time sub solar point location: Lahaina noon images from the Oahu Astrophotography club: analemma: great solargraph and analemma images: interactive seasons and ecliptic simulator: Nasa video of seasonal movement of Earth: Tropical year: Earth rotation specifics: How Earth moves through the universe: minute physics on cab: PBS spacetime on the cosmic microwave background: CMB rest frame: Wikipedia: wikicommons images:,_Florida#/media/File:South_Beach_20080315.jpg To explore space, I highly recommend these: music by and Awesome 3D graphics by Eric Langlay: Lame 2D stuff by me.


Testez vos connaissances en astronomie

Le ciel profond et l'univers

Au delà du système solaire et jusqu'à l'infini

Questions de distance

Savez-vous à quelle distance se trouvent ces corps célestes ?

La planète Mercure

La planète Mercure, au plus proche du Soleil


Trouvez l'intrus !

Saurez-vous trouver qui n'a pas sa place parmi les réponses ?

La planète Mars

La planète Mars, la planète rouge